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Total Golf Construction is proud of its outstanding people - Our past success and future progress relies on their dedication and expertise. Please take the time to learn about these impreessive individuals.


Enjoy and please Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Larry Trenary


Mr. Trenary was born in San Diego, California. He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Business. He then joined the ARMY as a pilot and served two tours in Vietnam, served in Japan, Texas and Oklahoma. He served 7 years total.

Following his service in the US armed forces, he became a Self Employed businessman in Florida during the early and mid 70’s. His companies performed irrigation and drainage type services for Municipal, Commercial, Residential, and Golf Course facilities. In 1978 he moved overseas to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to perform various irrigation related work.  In 1986 his companies built the Emirates Golf Club for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This was the beginning of Total Golf Construction. Following the construction of the Emirates Golf Club, the company built Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, and the Dubai Golf and Racing Club in the UAE. During this time company operations also expanded to the UK and the US and subsequently to many other countries up until this time.

Mr. Trenary has numerous other business ventures that he has been involved in from real estate, well drilling, building construction, aircraft leasing, interior design, irrigation, landscape construction and maintenance, amongst other things.

Jeff Brewster


Mr. Brewster was born and raised in Florida. A true NATIVE Floridian! He graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Agriculture and a specialization in Turfgrass.  He has over 35 years of successful experience in Golf Course Construction and the Turf Management Industries, starting from the ground up. He has a proven and verifiable record of achievement in golf course construction with strong credentials in the international arena and the Southeastern US.

Total Golf Construction is 1 of 28 CERTIFIED BUILDERS through the GCBAA – Golf Course Builders Association of America, with Mr. Brewster being the qualifying member. He is also a CERTIFIED Golf Course Superintendent through the GCSAA – Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. He is also a CERTIFIED Stormwater Inspector. He is a member of the Florida Turf Grass Association (Associate Member), National Golf Foundation, USGA, and other organizations.

Jeff has lead the company since 1995 when he returned from working in Dubai on the construction of the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, building an additional 9 holes at the Emirates Golf Club, and constructing The Dubai Golf and Racing Club with Total Golf. This was his first foray into International work.

Since then the company has completed numerous projects in FL, NC, VA, and LA. The companies overseas work is still a major part of its business with current projects in Nigeria. Other international locations where Total Golf has completed projects are Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Canouan Island in the St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Egypt, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Paul Dearling


Paul Dearling, after qualifying in Agriculture and specializing in Irrigation arrived in Dubai in the late 80’s to begin his career with Total Golf Construction.

After involvement, at various levels, in the construction of The Emirates – the first all-grass course in the Middle East, The Creek Golf Course and Yacth Club, The Dubai Golf and Racing Club, in that country he was required to travel further.  Time was spent in Bahrain on the then Riffa Golf Course and in a Landscaping role at The Meridien Hotel.


His career and more managerial standing increased, over the ensuing years, with Project Management roles in Egypt, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, Nigeria and Azerbaijan.  Other time was spent fulfilling a Business Development role at the company’s Head Office in Vero Beach, in Florida. With the difficulty of persuading the authorities to grant further visas and with the expansion of Golf becoming apparent in many countries and regions in the Middle and Far East he turned his attention to marketing Total Golf Construction’s capabilities in those areas.

Reluctant to even consider retiring Paul continues to work earnestly looking for projects, for the company in his role as Director of Overseas Operations.

Ron Lapikas


Mr. Lapikas was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Florida in his teens. He graduated from Gateway College, formerly          Lake City Community College with an AS degree in Turfgrass Management.


His career has come a long way from starting as a caddie at a young age to working on his local golf course, then eventually as a Golf course Superintendent in the early to mid 80’s. He also held an Irrigation Contractors license in the state of Florida.


He has 50 years of experience in golf course maintenance, irrigation installation, and golf course construction. He is a member of the GCBAA – Golf Course  Builders  Association of America, and the FGCSA – Florida Golf Course Superintendents Association . Mr. Lapikas, joined our team 1999  and has managed projects of all sizes, both stateside and overseas.

Daniel 'Abe' Cothran


Daniel 'Abe' Cothran  - After schooling, Abe started his working career in the various disciplines of Manufacturing, Agriculture, and most significantly – Construction.

Abe’s innate ability to learn very quickly and his searching mentality combined with his relentless hard work had him rapidly becoming an effective member of Total Golf’s TEAM.  He was plunged, early on in his career in Golf Construction, into the difficulties of working in Africa on a course in Nigeria in 2008. A further commitment for Total Golf saw Abe exercising his growing skills and judgment on another project in Nigeria – Smokin Hills Golf Resort in Ilara Mokin in 2009.  The opportunity to further develop his skills was provided on the Azerbaijan National Golf Course project in Quba in 2012.   During these and other projects he developed his Team Leaders capability under difficult climatic and cultural circumstances in those  countries.

His abilities and enthusiasm for all things had him becoming a married family man in Azerbaijan, from where he now travels overseas, in the interests of Total Golf Construction.  Abe is now a fully-fledged Project Manager on his third project in Nigeria – Castle Rock Golf Course in Bayelsa State.  Abe is one of the younger members of the Team who has progressed to become an integral and important part of the company’s future.

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